NC Budget and In-Home Aide Section 12G.4 Proposed Change

Here at Extension of You Home Care, we are working with the North Carolina General Assembly to calrify Section 12G.4 of the budget bill (SB744) As currently written, section 12G.4 would extend the ban on new licenses for in-home services which includes hands on care. Our goal is to work to clarify that this ban does […]

Personal trainer assist senior woman at gym

Stay Healthy by Staying Fit

Have you ever said, “I just don’t have time to exercise?” Well, there is no better time than now to make time for your fitness and health. We all want to be able to enjoy retirement and the years leading up to it, and staying fit can really boost our ability to do just that. […]


Osteoporosis: What it is, Facts, Risk Factors Men and women are both affected by osteoporosis or degenerative arthritis. This disease is characterized by low bone mass and a deterioration of bone tissue leading to frail, brittle bones that increases the risk of fractures in the hip, spine and wrist. This disease can be prevented and treated. […]

Osteoporosis is responsible for more than 1.5 million fractures annually, including 300,000 hip fractures, approximately 700,000 vertebral fractures, 250,000 wrist fractures, and more than 300,000 fractures at other sites.

Medicaid & Medicare

Common Medicare & Medicaid Myths, Mistakes & Misconceptions

Medicaid and Medicare are two government programs providing medical and health-related services to specific groups of people in our country. Even though the two programs are very different, they are both managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Trying to figure out these programs […]

Getting Help for Your Loved One

Signs Your Loved One May Need More Assistance   Have you noticed some differences in your loved one but you’re just not sure what it means? Is mom or dad just being quirky or do they need more help in their daily lives? Dry, cracked skin – can be a sign of dehydration and malnutrition. […]

Depression is treatable and with the right support, treatment and strategies, you can lead a happy and vibrant life!

Food, Care and Medications top the list of Most Common Assisted Living Violations

Common Assisted Living Violations

Did you know that every year many assisted living and senior care facilities are cited for some issue in the facility? Often, the issue is minor and easily fixed. Good facilities are quick to resolve the issue. What about the other facilities that are repeatedly cited, and for major issues, that fail to fix the […]

(Not So) Accidental Tourist–Travel Abroad

Have you dreamed of traveling the world, exploring new places, seeing new sights? Dorothy recently did just that and she encourages you to do the same! Read on to hear what she has to share about travel abroad as an older adult. Q: What were you most concerned about before your trip? A: The airports. […]



Music of Our Lives

Music Unplugged: Handheld freedom   Playing a song these days is as easy as pushing a button in your car, scrolling through your iPod or launching an app on your smart phone. This generation can fill a room with music at the touch of a button with a handheld device the size of your palm. […]

Depression and How it Affects You 1

Depression (noun) defined as severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Getting older brings on many changes including: retirement, death of a spouse, loved ones or friends, decreased activity and increased isolation, medical problems and limitations. One of these or any combination can […]

What is Respite and Why is it Important

Respite Care is important. Caring for an elderly, disabled, sick or dying spouse, parent or other family member to some is a daily way of life. It’s a demanding, draining and difficult task and sometimes a break is needed. Caregiver stress and eventual burnout is very real and can cause anxiety, depression, irritability, resentfulness and […]