Wheelchair Transportation

I remember when my dad quit being able to comfortably get in and out of a car.  We were faced with very few choices for transporting him about town. Wheelchair transportation can be very scarce, and most of it is medically focused.  What about wheelchair transportation for just going to church? Or maybe just going […]


senior woman with hand on forehead

Caregiver Stress

Chronic illness can take it’s toll on anyone, and that includes caregivers. There is a high rate of burnout for people who spend a lot of their time caring for someone with a chronic illness. Part of the reason for that burnout is because caregivers don’t always allow themselves to take the time that they […]

Free Speakers Series! Issues of Concern to Seniors

Extension of You Home Care has knowledgeable speakers who can present talks to your group about issues important to senior adults. Call us now to book! Our speaker’s series is off to a great start.  We have upcoming talks at the Garner Senior Center about pneumonia and the flu, isolation, arthritis, Medicaid, and getting the […]

Becky EOY Speaker Series