Elder and Younger Hand S wide Exceptional Companion Caregivers!  Your Standards Realized.

Exceptional In-Home Non-Medical Care 

Companion Caregivers Meeting

and Exceeding Expectations


Companion caregivers provide both care and companionship to clients when family members or loved ones can’t be present.  This can give family and friends peace of mind. They know their loved one is getting the attention they deserve, the companionship they desire, and the care they need to remain safe in their home.

Our caregivers visit clients in their homes or wherever they live, as often as is necessary. For short visits or 24 hours a day, they provide assistance so that clients can live independently in their own home. Caregivers are available to provide care in the patient’s home, in a hospital, or other facility.

We provide superior supervision and training to all of our caregivers, as well as competitive wages, a 401k, and paid time off.   That means our caregivers stay with us, and with you, much longer.

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