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  • Low Profit Rates (average 60%)
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  • Only Metatrader Available
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With the rising popularity of binary options trading, a number of brokers have emerged, offering trading services to customers around the world. One such broker that has been gaining attention lately is A major concern for traders these days when choosing a broker is whether the company is a scam or legit platform that can be trusted. In this detailed review, we will closely examine various aspects of this broker to determine its legitimacy, safety, and overall value for traders. 

intrade bar

What is is an online broker that allows traders to invest in various financial markets, such as forex, and cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Pros and Cons of Trading

Advantages Disadvantages
User-friendly trading platforms: offers web, desktop and mobile trading platforms that are easy to use for both beginner and experienced traders. The platforms have a clean interface and intuitive layout. Limited research tools: does not have an extensive selection of built-in technical indicators or financial research. Traders have to rely on third-party tools for analysis.
Fast execution of trades: The broker’s servers execute trades quickly thanks to top-notch technology. This allows traders to capitalize on volatile market moves. Lack of investor protection: does not offer negative balance protection. Traders can potentially lose more than their account balance.
Risk management: has a unique risk management function. Traders can predetermine acceptable loss and profit values. Traders can navigate the volatile trading world with a safety net to avoid exceeding their risk tolerance. A proactive approach minimizes losses, instills confidence, and grants traders autonomy and control over trading activities. The webpage lacks information: Brokers and traders primarily communicate through their  . Teaching tools and analytics are not available on the Intrade.Bar website. Traders seeking immediate assistance may struggle to get support, especially on weekends and after 17:00 Moscow time.
Excellent customer support: has a supportive customer service team available 24/5 through email, phone and live chat. The team is responsive and addresses issues promptly. Restricted trading options: Specialization can be an asset, but Intrade.Bar’s exclusive focus on currency pairs may feel restrictive to some traders. The platform’s limited scope may not cater to all traders’ interests, potentially sidelining those seeking a broader trading spectrum.
Low minimum deposit: Financial barriers deter potential traders. Intrade.Bar has set a remarkably low minimum deposit threshold. Ensures access for those with modest financial means to start trading. Intrade.Bar is committed to making trading accessible to a broader audience, regardless of financial standing.
Diverse strategies: Traders are unique with different preferences and strategies. Intrade.Bar offers two primary trading strategies: Classic and Sprint. Intrade.Bar covers both Classic and Sprint trading strategies for traders. Traders can align their trading activities with their comfort levels and market outlook.

Overview of Trading Conditions and Offers of Broker

Since its 2016 launch, the company has focused on creating an environment that is conducive to binary options trading. In order to provide their clients with reliable currency quotes, the broker works with FXCM, a trustworthy liquidity source. The set payment on transactions offered by Intrade.Bar, which can vary from 82% to 85%, is one of its notable features.

The minimum initial deposit for a live account with is $10. This is relatively low compared to other brokers. The minimum trade size for most assets is 100  RUR. Assets and Markets allows trading on the following assets and markets:

  • 21 major, minor and exotic currency pairs
  • 1 Cryptocurrency (BTCUSD)

Trading Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Trade at

Intrade Bar offers a transparent pricing strategy, which is crucial for traders. There are no fees associated with adding funds to the trading balance on the platform. A supplemental withdrawal fee, ranging from 2.5 to 3%, is applied if a trader’s activity surpasses 149% of the initial money. Traders can better plan their finances with this pricing technique since they know about possible charges in advance.

Charts and Analysis on offers Trading Central charting and analysis tools integrated into the web and desktop platforms. Some of the key technical analysis features are:

  • Multiple chart types – line, candlestick, bars, dots
  • Over 80 technical indicators and studies
  • Technical analysis overlays like Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI etc.
  • Automatic trendlines and support/resistance levels
  • Price action markers and alerts

The advanced charting makes technical analysis easy. Traders also get access to Trading Central’s trading signals and content.

How to Trade with

  • Open an account:  Visit and click on ‘Open an Account’. Fill in your name, email, password and phone number. Accept the terms and conditions to complete registration.
  • Verify your account: Log in to your account and provide proof of ID and address as required. This is necessary for regulatory compliance. Verification takes 1-2 days.
  • Fund your account: Use a credit card or crypto transfer to deposit your trading capital into your account wallet. The minimum deposit is $10.
  • Access trading platforms: On the profile, click on trading platform to access your terminal. Set your risk management parameters to proceed. 
  • Analyze the markets: Use the built-in technical analysis tools to identify trading opportunities. You can also use a third-party tool like TradingView.
  • Open and close trades: Execute your Call or Put trades according to your strategy. Wait till the position expires for profit or loss.

intrade bar

How to Trade Different Assets on allows trading on multiple financial markets from a single account. Here is a brief guide:

Trading Forex Binary Options offers forex binary options on major and minor pairs. Here is how to trade EURUSD binaries:

  • Select ‘Forex’ asset in the trading platform
  • Choose your preferred expiry time from the list (5min, 15min, 1hr etc.)
  • Analyze EURUSD chart for trend direction and identify strike levels
  • Buy a CALL option if you predict EURUSD will close above the strike price
  • Buy a PUT option if you forecast EURUSD will close below the strike
  • Wait for the expiry time and your payout will be added if your prediction is correct
  • Manage your trade before expiry to exit early if the market moves against you

Trading BTCUSD Binary Options

Here are the steps to trade a BTCUSD binary option:

  • Select ‘Cryptocurrency’ and choose BTCUSD as the asset
  • Pick your preferred expiry time based on your analysis
  • Identify strike levels above or below current BTCUSD spot price
  • Buy a CALL if you determine Bitcoin will rise above the strike at expiry
  • Get a PUT option if you think Bitcoin will fall below the strike
  • Hold the binary option until expiry for full payout if your forecast is right
  • Exit early to cut losses if the underlying BTCUSD price moves negatively

Can You Trade Forex on

Yes, provides access to over 21 currency pairs including majors like EUR/USD and GBP/USD as well as minors like USD/CAD and exotic pairs like USD/RUB.

Intrade.Bar focuses exclusively on binary options trading and does not offer forex, CFDs or leverage. Traders can speculate on market price movements through simple up/down options. Intrade.Bar provides two primary trading strategies:

Classic Options

  • Expiry times from 5 minutes to 7 days
  • Broad range of global markets and assets
  • Payout up to 95% on successful trades

Sprint Options

  • Ultra short-term expiries from 10 seconds
  • Faster pace for seasoned traders
  • Payout up to 85% on winning sprints

There is no MetaTrader platform offered by Intrade.Bar. The broker provides a proprietary web-based and mobile trading platform optimized specifically for binary options trading. Traders can align their activities based on their risk preferences across the two main strategies.

Can You Trade Binary Options on

Yes, focuses exclusively on binary options trading. No CFDs, forex, stocks or futures are offered. The broker provides binary options on:

  • 21 major and minor currency pairs
  • Cryptocurrency BTCUSD

Traders can profit from short term price movements through simple up/down high/low binary options. Advanced charting and risk management tools cater specifically to binary traders on the platform.


What trading platforms does offer? has developed a proprietary web-based trading platform and mobile app specifically designed for binary options trading. The broker does not offer the MetaTrader platform. The platforms provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface along with built-in charting tools, indicators, risk management features, and account management options to give traders full control over their binary options trading activities.

What assets can I trade at

The trading assets available at are limited to binary options on forex currency pairs and one cryptocurrency pair. Specifically, you can trade binaries on 21 major, minor and exotic currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD as well as the crypto BTCUSD pair. CFDs, stocks, commodities, indices and other assets are not currently offered. So the range of markets is narrow but focused on forex and crypto binaries.

What are the minimum trade requirements at has set very low minimum requirements to start trading on its platform. The minimum initial deposit is only $10 which is extremely low compared to competitors. This allows anyone to open an account and start trading with real money even with a small account balance. The minimum trade size is 100 RUR which is around $1.50. So you can place very small trades.

How much does charge in fees?

The trading commissions and transaction fees charged by are very transparent and minimal. There are zero fees for depositing funds into your account via any method. The only potential fee is a withdrawal fee up to 3% but this ONLY applies if your total withdrawals exceed 149% of your initial deposit amount. Otherwise, there are zero fees for withdrawals as well. No commissions or spreads are charged for actually trading on the platform.

How do I contact customer support? provides customer support through email, phone, and live chat 24 hours 5 days a week. While support is generally prompt and helpful, the service is less available on weekends and after 17:00 Moscow time. So during weekdays, you can get quick responses but outside standard hours, it may take longer to get support assistance from the team. But overall they aim to address trader issues reasonably fast.