TOP 10 CDF Trading Demo Accounts

Position Company Logo Information Bonuses Min. Dep Regulation Open an account
  • 100+ assets and pairs to trade
  • Free Demo Account Available
  • Copytrading Available
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • 95%+ Payouts Available
  • Free 150% Bonus On Deposit
Minimum Deposit: $20
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Minimum Deposit: $250
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Minimum Deposit: $250
  • 0.01 Trades Available
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Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Proprietary Trading Platform
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  • Market Analysis & Free DEMO
  • Free 100% Bonus On Deposit
Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Slow Withdrawals (48 hours +)
  • KYC Required
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Slow Withdrawa>
  • Not Available in All Countries
  • High Initial Deposit
  • Not Regulated
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Efficient Bot for Auto Trading
  • 90%+ Profit Orders
  • Free To Use (with specific brokers)
  • Free 100% Bonus On Deposit
Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Slow Support (tickets replied in 3 days usually)
  • No Copytrading
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Low Profit Rates (average 60%)
  • Only 20+ Markets To Trade On
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Not Convenient Trading Platform
  • No Initial Deposit Bonuses
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Only Metatrader Available
  • No Demo Account
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $25
  • Not Available in All Countries
  • Not Regulated
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Very Slow Withdrawals (up to 7 days)
  • No Regulation
  • No Copytrading
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Not Available in All Countries
  • Low Profit Rates (average 60%)
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Not Convenient Trading Platform
  • No Initial Deposit Bonuses
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $2
  • Only Metatrader Available
  • No Demo Account
No deposit bonus Minimum Deposit: $500

Trying out demo accounts is crucial when evaluating CFD brokers to trade with. Demo accounts allow testing the broker’s platform, spreads, tools and overall usability without risking capital. In this review, we compare 10 of the best CFD demo accounts based on platform features, assets offered for virtual trading, ease of access and reliability.

Choosing the Best CFD Demo Account

CFD demo accounts serve as a test drive for brokers’ actual trading services. Assess these key aspects when selecting a demo account:

Platform Functionality

The demo platform must offer the complete range of features available on the broker’s live platforms to realistically simulate the trading environment. This includes multiple chart types such as line, candlesticks, bars, etc. There should also be multi time frames, indicators like moving averages, MACD, and Bollinger bands for drawing tools and studies. 

Availability of all order types, like market, limit, stop-loss, trailing stop, is also essential to learning different ways to execute demo trades as intended for strategy practice.

Asset Classes

The demo platform must provide virtual money balances across all the asset classes supported on live accounts for realistic preparations. Check if you can practice on major, minor and exotic currency pairs to test technical analysis approaches and forex trading systems. It’s a plus if the demo account can test leading global stock market indices like the S&P 500 and US30.

The broker should offer demo testing on diverse commodities like gold, oil, silver, and natural gas, as well as major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This range lets you test strategies across assets before live trading.

Access and Availability

The demo account should be easily accessible on both desktop and mobile apps. Leading brokers prioritize simple and fast log to demo accounts without lengthy verification processes for rapid strategy testing. Also verify if the broker imposes any restrictions on usage hours or durations to avoid disruptions when practicing trading.

Virtual Funds

Substantial virtual money balances enable executing more demo trades to accurately evaluate strategies. $100,000 or higher in Virtual balances provides a capital buffer to trade actively during practice without needing to add funds frequently. Allows for taking on larger demo positions for more realistic preparations. Some brokers permit reloading depleted virtual funds to continue practice trading uninterrupted rather than resetting progress by opening a fresh demo account.

Real Spreads/Prices

The demo environment mimics live market conditions, providing real insights into trading costs. Ensure that the platform mirrors actual variable/fixed spreads of live accounts, enabling accurate projection of costs before trading real capital. Wider spreads signal higher transaction costs that eat into profits.

Furthermore, demo accounts feature live, streaming price quotes, creating a life-like market simulation that matches real-time volatility and price action across traded assets. Allows devising strategies factoring in the latest market dynamics.


Find out what other people have to say about the broker by reading reviews and comments posted on various websites and social media platforms. Inquire about banking options, customer service, fees, asset selection, and platforms for trading. 

You can trust your trades when you work with a broker who consistently receives glowing reviews. Watch out for brokers who have a history of customer complaints about withdrawal problems, platform issues, lack of transparency, or bad customer support.

Top 10 CFD Demo Accounts

Here are 10 recommended CFD demo accounts to practice risk-free before live trading:

  • IQCent Demo: Offers $100,000 in virtual funds on proprietary platform with real-time pricing across 100+ markets.
  • RaceOption Demo: Provides $100,000 practice balance with average spreads. Quotes all assets including crypto CFDs.
  • VideForex Demo: Good variety across forex majors, indices, commodities. $100,000 in reloadable virtual credit.
  • BinaryCent Demo: Virtual $100,000 balance but tight fixed spreads on leading platform MetaTrader 5.
  • BinBotPro Demo: Web-based demo mirrors actual trading environment. A decent $1,000 virtual balance is provided.
  • Deriv Demo: The advanced proprietary platform DMT5 is well suited for testing strategies with $100,000 virtual money.
  • Binarium Demo: Virtual $10,000 balance on an intuitive web platform with CFDs on forex, crypto, and stocks.
  • IQ Option Demo: Award-winning platform gives $100,000 virtual credit and quotes major markets.
  • IntradeBar Demo: Popular MetaTrader 4 demo mirrors live ECN forex trading environment.
  • XM Demo: User-friendly platform enables virtual trading across 1000+ share CFDs.

Comparing Top CFD Demo Accounts

Here is a look at key details surrounding the top demo accounts for practice trading CFDs:

Broker Platform Virtual Balance Minimum Deposit
IQCents Propritery Web Trader $100,000 $20
VideForex Propritery Web Trader $100,000 $20
RaceOption Propritery Web Trader $100,000 $250
Binary Cent Propritery Web Trader $100,000 $250
BinBot Pro Propritery Web Trader $1,000 $250
Deriv MT5 $100,000 $100
Binarium Propritery Web Trader $10,000 $250
IQ Option Propritery Web Trader/ IQOption App $100,000 $10
Intrade Bar MT4 $100,000 $10
XM MT4/ MT5 $100,000 $5

Benefits of Demo Account Trading

Practice trading with virtual funds allows gauging brokers in these beneficial ways:

Platform Functionality

The demo account platform must contain all features and tools available on the broker’s live trading platform to enable comprehensive functionality testing before committing real money. This allows traders to evaluate whether advanced charting capabilities, availability of indicators and studies, automation features, order flexibility and keyboard shortcuts perform smoothly as intended during practice sessions. Thorough testing ensures the platform is fully equipped to cater to the trader’s requirements when live trading later.

Asset Classes

Access to virtual funds across all asset classes mirrors the diversity of markets supported on live accounts, facilitating testing strategies across instruments. Practice trading forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and thousands of global equities gauges strategy viability across different volatile environments prior to staking personal capital. This allows optimizing techniques specifically tailored to different asset characteristics before live deployment.

Access and Availability

Seamless cross-device access to demo accounts without usage restrictions prevents needless testing disruptions. Quick logins and availability on web, desktop and mobile apps with automatic syncing of settings, preferences and balances enables conveniently practice trading anytime, anywhere without hassles. Unrestricted usage in terms of hours or duration gives full freedom to test extensively over long periods until attaining strategy proficiency.

Virtual Funds

Sizable virtual capital allows executing adequate trades necessary for reliable strategy evaluation. Demo balances exceeding $100,000 facilitates taking on larger positions across multiple instruments for diversity. This exposes tactics to varying market dynamics for holistic assessments. Some brokers also permit reloading depleted balances allowing continuous practice minus having to restart the tedious account opening process repeatedly.

Real Spreads/Prices

Demo accounts feature actual trading infrastructure and live market pricing critical for realistic insights. Mirroring real-time spreads, swaps and volatility conditions exposes tactics to genuine markets minus capital risks. This prepares traders for costs and unpredictable price action associated with live trading later. Trading synthetic environments with simulated pricing often gives false sense of security and preparedness leading to avoidable shocks when actual dollars are risked.


Demo accounts provide an invaluable avenue to critique a broker’s trading services before funding live accounts. Leading CFD brokers offer demo accounts mirroring real-time market environment across top platforms – enabling comprehensive functionality assessments minus monetary risks. Before committing real dollars, rigorously test CFD brokers using virtual funds to determine the optimal fit for your trading needs.


What is a trading demo account?

A trading demo account provided by brokers is a practice account with virtual money to buy and sell financial assets without risking real capital. It closely simulates real market conditions via actual trading platforms and live pricing for realistic preparations before live trading.

How do CFD trading demo accounts work?

CFD demo accounts function by providing fake dollar balances for traders to execute virtual trades on brokers’ regular trading platforms. Traders may practice applying trading strategies across forex, indices, commodities etc. while enjoying features like live quotes, customizable layouts and advanced charting without risking money.

What are the risks of trading demo accounts?

There are minimal risks associated with practice trading on demo accounts since no real funds are at stake. The main risk is developing overconfidence from profits attained on demo accounts. Lack of emotional pressures while demo trading also fails to prepare traders for psychological aspects of live trading.

How do you choose a broker to trade CFDs?

Key aspects to evaluate when selecting an optimal CFD broker include transparency of pricing, speed of trade execution, platform features and functionality, variety of markets supported, account security measures, customer service responsiveness, and regulatory oversight. Comparing demo accounts is the ideal risk-free way to assess these parameters.

Should I start with a demo account?

Yes, starting CFD trading on demo accounts is strongly recommended to gain familiarity with broker platforms, test strategies, learn mechanics, and compare costs without capital risks. These practice accounts replicate live trading environments for seamless transitioning later.

Are demo accounts free?

Yes, brokers provide free access to demo accounts with virtual money balances for practice trading purposes. They assist in evaluating platforms and services prior to live account opening.

Is virtual trading the same as live trading?

The simulated environment closely replicates actual live trading in terms of platforms, pricing, spreads, execution, and charting. This provides realistic dry runs to devise and test strategies. However, the psychological pressure differs as virtual funds carry no monetary risk.

Can I switch from demo to live trading?

Once satisfied with platforms and strategies, traders can instantly upgrade from practice demo accounts to real funded live trading accounts in a few clicks. Balances and settings do not carry over as demo and live accounts operate independently.

What is the best CFD demo account?

The top CFD demo accounts provide access to full-capability broker platforms with sizable virtual money balances to practice across diverse markets – forex, stocks, indices, commodities etc. Leading demo accounts offer real-time streaming quotes and tight spreads reflective of live trading costs.

How long should I use a demo account before going live?

It is recommended to spend at least 3 months thoroughly practicing trading strategies on demo accounts before funding a live account. This extended evaluation period across different market conditions builds skill, helps gain emotional discipline, and weeds out ineffective strategies prior to committing real capital.