Best IQcent Forex Trading Strategies

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Best IQcent Forex Trading Strategies

IQcent is an increasingly popular online broker, providing access to a wide variety of financial markets. With their advanced trading platforms, extensive range of assets, and competitive spreads and commissions, IQcent offers an excellent opportunity for traders of all experience levels to potentially profit.

However, in order to make consistent money with IQcent or any broker, you need solid trading strategies in place. This article outlines some of the best trading techniques and analysis methods for beginners to start trading CFDS and binary options in 2024. 

IQcent Overview and Benefits

IQcent provides access to global markets across forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, through CFDs and binary options trading. With advanced charting capabilities, a selection of powerful trading platforms to choose from, and flexible account options, IQcent aims to cater to all trader requirements.

Their proprietary WebTrader and mobile apps provide advanced technical analysis capabilities, expert advisors for automated trading, one-click execution, risk management features, and more. Additionally, IQcent offers a variety of account types, copy trading features, daily market analysis, and 24/7 multilingual customer support.

With these user-friendly yet powerful platforms and supportive resources, traders have everything required to research assets, analyze price trends, execute precision trades, and ultimately generate profits.

Best IQcent Trading Strategies

Top 5 IQCent forex trading strategies?

An IQcent strategy consists of a predetermined set of guidelines for trading binary options. The best trading strategies facilitate the streamlining of your decision-making process and provide a methodical framework for trading. Some of the best forex trading strategies for Iqcent include: 

1. Price Action Analysis

IQCent’s advanced charting web platform provides the perfect tools for applying effective price action analysis. Start by using the weekly and daily timeframes on IQCent’s charts to assess the prevailing trend. Define key support and resistance levels using the moving averages and risk management tools. Then zoom into the hourly and lower timeframes to spot high-probability candlestick patterns that signal potential continuations or reversals at those key zones.

Keep an eye out for patterns like Bullish/Bearish Engulfing Candles, Morning/Evening Doji Stars, Hammers & Shooting Stars or Inverse/Standard Doji patterns. Also identify chart formations like Double Tops & Bottoms, Ascending Triangles or Flags & Pennants which indicate the potential for breakouts. 

Use the line drawing & annotation tools on the platform to highlight these patterns. When the higher timeframe and lower timeframe analysis align, this signals high conviction setups. For example, combining a Bull Flag breakout on the 15-min chart with a bounce off daily support indicates a potential long trade. 

Employ IQCent’s risk management tools like stop losses on every trade while targeting at least 2:1 reward:risk. Over time, engraving these price action principles will vastly improve your trade selection and timing.

2. Following the News

Major news events like interest rate decisions, employment data releases, and corporate earnings reports can massively impact financial markets. It pays to have an economic calendar with upcoming event dates and consensus expectations. For interest rates, if the central bank takes a more hawkish tone and rates are increased beyond forecasts, the country’s currency will likely appreciate as capital flows seek higher returns. 

Meanwhile, stocks may decline due to higher borrowing costs. For data like non-farm payrolls or GDP, figures substantially exceeding estimates indicate stronger economic growth, supporting the country’s currency and stocks. With earnings, reports beating expectations suggest higher corporate profitability, driving share prices up.

You can formulate directional trade ideas around market responses using these principles. For example, buy a currency or index CFD just prior to a major announcement that’s expected to drive valuations higher based on historical precedents. Define stop losses below recent swing lows and take profit targets at psychologically key levels. 

The key is having predetermined trade plans rather than reacting randomly post-event. Combine such event driven trades with existing trend, support/resistance technical principles for higher probability outcomes. Fundamental analysis provides conviction, while technicals assist timing and risk management in event-driven trading.

3. The Trend Following Strategy

Trend trading aims to enter positions in the direction of the prevailing trend across various timeframes. You can objectively define trend bias using moving averages on the IQCent platform. When the price is above a long-term moving average, like the 200-day signaling an uptrend, and when the price is below, indicating a downtrend. Adding a shorter-term moving average like the 20-day helps confirm the longer-term trend direction.

Uptrends occur when each swing high exceeds older highs and swing lows remain above older lows. Downtrends feature lower swing highs and lower swing lows. Volume can act as a confirming indicator for trend strength. Combining fundamental factors driving the overall bullish or bearish bias gives further conviction on trend direction.

Entry signals occur when price corrects against the trend, either retesting prior support turned resistance in uptrends, or testing old resistance turned support in downtrends. This defines a favorable risk/reward for trend continuation over swing/day timeframes.

Always utilize stop losses as trends can evolve. Move stops to breakeven once profitable, then trail behind the price to lock in gains. Exiting on the first sign of trend exhaustion signaled via lower highs or breaking of trendline support gives the highest reward:risk trades. Simple, yet when mastered, trend trading delivers outsized returns.

4. The Hedging Strategy

Hedging involves opening multiple positions designed to offset each other to reduce overall portfolio risk instead of relying on the outcome of a single trade. This aims to harvest gains from one side of a trade to buffer losses from the correlated hedge side as markets fluctuate up and down.

A common example is going long on one currency pair while simultaneously shorting another positively correlated pair. For example, the EUR/USD and GBP/USD tend to trend in the same direction due to common Dollar exposure and European economic ties. So you could buy EUR/USD while short selling GBP/USD. If the US Dollar begins strengthening, gains from the short GBP/USD position may neutralize losses on the long EUR/USD side. You are protected regardless of whether the Euro or Dollar strengthens overall.

Effective hedging relies on selecting appropriately correlated assets where prices move relatively in sync. Overly correlated pairs should be avoided, however, as divergent moves could then amplify losses. Moderately correlated currencies, indices, commodities, and bonds allow gains from one side to cushion the other.

Dynamic hedging also entails adjusting position sizes across legs to optimize neutralization as relationships evolve. Hedging thus reduces outright directional exposure, with the tradeoff of capped profit potential should a clear trend emerge.

5. IQCent Copy Trading Strategy

IQCent integrates a social trading platform, allowing you to copy top-performing traders. This provides tremendous value for fast-tracking your learning rather than enduring months of potential losses while developing proficiency. You can filter traders by performance metrics like risk-adjusted returns, profit factor, win rates, drawdowns, and more to pinpoint investors matching your goals.

Once you select the desired traders, you allocate capital towards copying their portfolio, proportionate to the position size you define. Every trade they execute is mirrored into your paired account automatically. This hands-free approach simplifies execution while benefiting from experienced traders with extensive screen time and proven records.

You can spread capital across multiple traders to diversify. IQCent lets you copy between just 10-100% of position sizes rather than mandated 100% copying, providing flexibility over your total exposure. Starting with conservative allocation sizes towards the lower end minimizes early stage risks.

Over time, closely track the copied trades and trader performance to continue learning. You can then gradually allocate more capital towards the very best traders, showing consistent success aligned with your objectives. The combination of skill development and leveraging collective wisdom through copy trading is a powerful shortcut when using IQCent’s social trading platform.

How to Make Money trading Forex on IQcent

Success in trading financial markets heavily depends on maintaining composure, confidence, and rational thinking even under volatile conditions that trigger emotion-based reactions. Some psychological tips:

  • Trade smaller position sizes initially to build experience without pressure
  • Remain calm when trades move against you using pre-set risk protocols
  • Focus on executing high-probability trading opportunities rather than gambling
  • Be patient and wait hours, days or weeks for prime conditions
  • Detach ego from trading outcomes for clear-headed decision making

With strong risk management principles and ideal trading psychology, you can navigate inevitable market fluctuations and uncertain conditions on the path toward profitability.


IQcent provides an excellent broker to access global trading markets with competitive spreads and commissions, advanced platforms and analytics, diverse assets, and extensive resources.

However, consistently profiting from markets requires implementing strategic, calculated, and risk-managed trading based on thorough analysis rather than luck. Key areas to focus on include technical and fundamental analysis skillsets, an ideal trader mindset, robust risk management protocols, and applying high-probability trading techniques with patience and discipline.

While trading carries inherent risks, by combining IQcent’s tools with the approaches above, you are best equipped to navigate all market conditions on the journey toward sustainable trading success.


What markets can I trade with IQcent?

With an IQcent account, you can trade over 100 global markets across forex currency pairs, global stocks and indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. These assets can be traded as binary options contracts and CFDs.

Does IQcent offer copy trading?

Yes, by integrating a proprietary social trading platform into their offering, IQcent enables you to automatically copy positions from vetted top-performing traders to fast-track your own learning curve and results.

What trading platforms does IQcent offer?

IQcent provides browser-based WebTrader tailored for desktops and laptops. The platform is also accessible on Mobie for both iOS and Android devices, as well as their own custom-designed next generation platform.

Does IQcent provide leverage?

With regulatory considerations, IQcent offers leverage up to 1:500 regardless of your account type. This provides traders with an opportunity to maximize small moves that occur in the market.

Can I open a demo account?

Yes, IQcent enables creating free demo accounts fully mirroring live market conditions, enabling you to safely build skills, test strategies, and build confidence before committing real capital.