When comparing various platforms specifically for binary options trading, it’s important to consider several factors such as the platform’s reputation, user interface, asset offerings, customer support, and unique features that cater to binary options traders. Here’s how IQcent, Videforex, Binarycent, RaceOption, Deriv, Moneta Markets, Hirose Financial, CWG Markets, FPG, FXCM, and TMGM stack up, especially in the context of binary options trading:

1. IQcent

  • Focus: Known for binary options, forex, and CFDs.
  • Features: Offers copy trading and a user-friendly platform suitable for beginners.

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2. Videforex

  • Focus: Provides services in forex, CFDs, and binary options.
  • Features: Known for live video chat support and user-friendly interface.
  • Regulatory Status: Similar to IQcent, the regulatory clarity is less pronounced.

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3. Binarycent

  • Focus: Offers trading in forex, CFDs, and binary options with a focus on smaller trade sizes.
  • Features: Allows for trading with amounts as low as 10 cents and provides copy trading services.

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Binarycent – BC100

4. RaceOption

  • Focus: This platform offers binary options, forex, and CFD trading.
  • Features: Provides bonuses, contest opportunities, and copy trading features.

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5. Deriv

  • Focus: Offers a broad range of trade types including binary options.
  • Features: Known for innovative platforms like DBot and DTrader.

6. Moneta Markets

  • Focus: Primarily offers forex and CFD trading; binary options are not the main focus.
  • Features: Provides a web-based platform known for its ease of use.

7. Hirose Financial

  • Focus: Mainly on forex and binary options trading.
  • Features: Offers a variety of platforms and tools tailored to forex and binary options traders.

8. CWG Markets

  • Focus: Offers a range of financial products, but not specifically known for binary options.
  • Features: Provides access to various markets and advanced trading tools.

9. FPG

  • Focus: Focused more on forex and commodities, not primarily a binary options broker.
  • Features: Offers different account types and trading platforms.

10. FXCM

  • Focus: Primarily known for forex and CFD trading, not binary options.
  • Features: Renowned for its robust trading tools and educational resources.

11. TMGM

  • Focus: Offers forex and CFD trading with a wide range of instruments, not particularly known for binary options.
  • Features: Provides access to popular platforms like MT4 and advanced trading tools.


For traders specifically interested in binary options, platforms like IQcent, Videforex, Binarycent, RaceOption, and Hirose Financial are more tailored to those needs.

It’s worth noting that binary options trading carries a high level of risk.  If possible, start with a demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform’s features and the dynamics of binary options trading without risking real money.

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